Mask making machine

Semi- Automatic N95 face mask making machine

Semi- Automatic N95 face mask making machine

Product Description

This machine adopts aluminum alloy frame, lighter and stronger, adopts touch screen panel and PLC control system, the material
runs, the sensor and the ultrasonic welding, the output is high, the product pass rate is high.
1. Machine PLC control
2. The production capacity reaches 50-80 tablets per minute
3. The folding position can be adjusted, and the fold shape can be changed with the guide device
4. The machine structure is all aluminum alloy
5. Can produce3~ 5 layers of non-woven Blank mask
Model XYKZ
Speed 50-80 pcs/min
Power 220v
Face Mask Size Standard
Total Power 8KW
Machine Weight 850KG
Machine specifications Size of the host
Size of feeding rack
size of Conveyor belts

Detailed Images

XY-B700  Semi automatic Earloop Welding Machine
    Ultrasonic face mask spot welding machine is a high precision ultrasonic wave welding machine.Ultrasonic face mask spot welding machine welding effect is better than ordinary mechanical effect. It is clean and beautiful, is an essential tool for production and processing manufacturers.The machine is manually operated by one person, and the machine is equipped with ultrasonic wave to dissolve the earloop on both sides of the mask body,so as to complete the finished product of the earloop mask.Cylinder welding fastness, welding time adjustable, built-in time relay, adjustable air pressure, moderate current regulation, no noise, operation is very simple.

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